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Achieve Interview Success with these 4 Tips

  Strong, confident communication is essential to succeed in any job, and a key skill most employers look for during an interview. For their 2016 Job Skills Report, Bloomberg asked 1,251 job recruiters at 547 companies about the skills they want but can’t find. Guess which skill topped the list across industries? Communication! If you […]

Stephanie Rodin, Esq. – NY

I took advantage of the Summer special offered by Corporate Speech Solutions; and I am thrilled that I did!  I had my first session this past week to assist me in my elevator pitch and Jayne Latz was absolutely AMAZING! She honed in on finding out what I was all about and how to then […]

Fostering Communication in the Workplace: The Communication Audit

In last week’s blog we discussed the importance of creating a workplace with strong communication skills and encouraging employees and coworkers to communicate in an open professional manner. Integrate All Levels of Employees: Keeping different levels of empl

How to Speak Like The Expert You Are!

Gotham Networking is pleased to announce that on June 13th, Jayne Latz, President of Corporate Speech Solutions headquartered in New York City, will be a featured speaker at our “Expert Witness Luncheon.” Jayne will provide important techniques and strategies that will turn your communication skills into powerful business tools. During the luncheon you will have […]

How to Communicate with Power, Poise and Confidence!

A GIFT FROM YOUR JUICEPLUS DISTRIBUTORS You are invited to a special workshop with Jayne Latz, President of Corporate Speech Solutions, and professional speaker, with over 20 years of speech development training. Latz will be presenting a 60 minute workshop designed to give you comfort and confidence to speak in front of a group. Yes, […]

Handling Negative Situations: Part 2

Last week we talked about ways to handle negative situations in the workplace. Unpleasant situations are bound to arise from time to time; the way you handle these situations can make or break your professional relationships. Today we’ll discuss a few more ideas for handling these kinds of situations in the most professional way possible. […]

Handling Negative Situations

In a perfect world, all of our interactions with our colleagues would be nothing but pleasant. Unfortunately we are all human, so conflicts are bound to occur once in awhile. While you may not be able to control if and when these situations arise, you can control how you approach them. The way in which […]

Secrets to a Successful Meeting

While meetings are a great concept in theory—an opportunity for everyone to share ideas and be kept up-to-date on important business—anyone who has ever worked in a corporate environment is all too aware that meetings are often not quite as effective as intended. What can you do to ensure your next meeting is a success?

Can Your Appearance Affect Your Income?

Last week we provided some important tips for maintaining a polished, professional appearance. We also discussed how people typically make judgments about others within 30 seconds of first meeting them, with much of this judgment based on personal appearance. But did you know that your personal appearance can affect not only how others perceive you, […]

Appearances Count!

While the sentiment “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” is certainly true, in the world of professional communication, the “outside” needs to be given careful consideration as well. Studies have shown that people make decisions and form opinions about others within the first 30 seconds of meeting them. During this short window of time, […]