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Tips for Starting a Conversation at Any Networking Event!

Has this ever happened to you? You head to a networking event, ready to make connections. You’re armed with the perfect elevator pitch and an arsenal of small talk topics, but you can’t quite figure out how to get the conversational ball rolling. Approaching new people and starting a conversation can be a daunting task. […]
Man and woman speaking

Master the Art of Small Talk with these Simple Tips!

All too often, people in the professional world think of small talk as a waste of time: Why chat about the weather when you could be getting down to business? However, the ability to connect with others and discuss non-work related topics can be essential to your career and greatly improve your networking ability. The […]

Need a Conversation Starter? Take a Look at our 4 Simple Tips!

It’s that time of year: every weekend there seems to be some sort of holiday gathering, whether it’s within your personal or professional circle. Holiday get-togethers are a great opportunity to make new contacts and meet new friends. Last week, we talked about the art of making small talk. But being able to make great […]