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Are You Being Understood? Communicating with Clarity with Non-Native Speakers

As globalization increases, our world becomes smaller and smaller. Chances are, nearly everyone reading this blog has at least one colleague, customer, or work-related acquaintance who is a non-native speaker of English. Because non-native speakers can vary in their mastery of the language, the occasional communication breakdown is bound to occur. When this happens, it […]

How to Say “No” with Professionalism and Grace

Being an agreeable person can be extremely beneficial in the workplace; everyone wants a colleague or coworker who is willing to go the extra mile and is open to ideas and experiences. However, agreeing to everything and anything can be detrimental to your career and your own personal well-being. Many professionals are afraid that saying […]

Alina is outstanding!

Hi Jayne, Thank you very much for your email. The training goes really well.  There are still efforts to be made, but I am sure I am on the right track. As you said during our initial meeting, Alina is great, she is just amazing! I really enjoy working with her, she makes every efforts […]
Professional meeting

Are your Conflict Communication Skills up to Par?

No matter how pleasant and easy-going you may be, conflicts are bound to crop up every once in a while. Handling an interpersonal conflict is always tricky, but it can be particularly delicate in the workplace. Effectively handling a conflict while maintaining your professionalism and preserving your relationships with colleagues and clients is a crucial […]

More Great Tips for Effective Meeting Communication!

Meetings are an essential part of running an effective professional team. But all too often, poor communication can turn meetings into an inefficient waste of time. Last week,we gave three simple tips for running the most successful meetings possible. Today, we present part two, with three more great tips!

Three Simple Ways to Master the Art of Small Talk

Networking is a crucial part of professional success. The ability to meet and connect with potential customers and professional connections is one of the keys to growth in the business world. However, networking is more complicated than just meeting others in your field and introducing yourself and your services. People are more likely to connect […]

Four Words You Might Be Misusing

Last week we discussed the common mistake of using overly big words as a way to try to sound intelligent and knowledgeable. While using large vocabulary words may help you to express a specific idea, you also run the risk of confusing your listener or sounding pretention. There is also the additional risk that you […]