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Perfect Your Elevator Pitch in 4 Easy Steps!

Want to expand your network? The first step is finding a way to interest potential contacts and tell them what you do in a succinct, engaging way. In order to do this, you need to craft an “elevator pitch”, a short introduction to what you and your business have to offer. How do you make […]

More Great Tips for Effective Meeting Communication!

Meetings are an essential part of running an effective professional team. But all too often, poor communication can turn meetings into an inefficient waste of time. Last week,we gave three simple tips for running the most successful meetings possible. Today, we present part two, with three more great tips!

Need a Conversation Starter? Take a Look at our 4 Simple Tips!

It’s that time of year: every weekend there seems to be some sort of holiday gathering, whether it’s within your personal or professional circle. Holiday get-togethers are a great opportunity to make new contacts and meet new friends. Last week, we talked about the art of making small talk. But being able to make great […]

Are You Pronouncing the Past Tense Correctly?

The key to mastering the American English accent often lies in the details. One pronunciation detail that is often tricky for non-native English speakers is how to pronounce the past-test -ed ending. Want to master this sound? Take a look at our pronunciation guide below!

Does your Body Language Inspire Trust?

Establishing trust is a key part of forging effective business relationships. Whether dealing with a client, colleague or competitor, no one wants to maintain a professional relationship with someone they feel is not trustworthy. As we discussed last week, body language can play a significant part in whether or not you are perceived as someone […]

Three Critical Times to Pause in Business Communication

Sometimes the key to clear articulate speech isn’t what you’re saying, it’s what you’re not saying. Learning how to insert a well-timed pause into your speech is one of the simplest, and most effective tools for improving the quality of your speech. A pause is an essential part of clear, articulate speech, but not all […]

Professional Communication Training: Take Your Company to the Next Level!

Strong communication skills are consistently rated as one of the most important factors in professional success. Last week, we discussed some of the ways that professional communication training can help your company improve your business and increase your bottom line. Today, we’ll talk a little more about how improving your team’s communication skills can help […]