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Preparing for Your First Interview? Three Tips to Land the Job!

Summer is here and that means a flood of new graduates entering the workforce and preparing for their first job interviews. Unfortunately, despite their newly developed skills, a lot of young professionals find that they’re having a much tougher time landing their dream job than they had anticipated. One problem that often holds people back […]

The Results Are In! CSS Releases 2015 Survey

As the President and Founder of Corporate Speech Solutions, I am constantly working to find ways to improve the work we do and help you “Say it better.” A big part of that involves knowing exactly how communication affects success in the workplace and keeping up to date on the public’s perspective on professional communication. […]

3 Steps to Warm-up Your Voice for Maximum Power!

Projecting your voice in a strong, clear manner doesn’t just make your speech easier to understand; it also gives your listener the impression that you are confident in your message and that you are a natural leader. Warming up properly before speaking can go a long way towards developing a strong, dynamic voice. Take a […]

Appearances Count!

While the sentiment “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” is certainly true, in the world of professional communication, the “outside” needs to be given careful consideration as well. Studies have shown that people make decisions and form opinions about others within the first 30 seconds of meeting them. During this short window of time, […]

A Resume that Speaks for Itself: Send It the Right Way

Over the past two weeks we’ve discussed how to craft a great resume, from a clean style and format to eye-catching content. This week we’ll talk about one a common issue: how to send your resume.  In the past, sending a resume was easy. You printed out your cover letter and resume, put them in […]

Let’s Do Lunch

The business lunch is an event that every professional will most likely encounter at some point in their career. While the concept may seem simple—discussing business matters while having a bite to eat—there are myriad details that need to be considered to orchestrate a successful business meal. Having lunch with a client or colleague certainly […]

Why a Corporate Speech-Language Pathologist?

Last week we discussed how you can boost your business through improved communication skills. But who do you turn to in order to achieve this goal? There is certainly no shortage of individuals out there offering to transform the speech and communication skills of your employees. Everyone from actors and professional singers to self-titled “corporate […]

How Can Better Communication Skills Boost Your Business?

Most everyone considers strong communication skills an important part of professional performance. Being able to communicate well can increase customer relations, relationships within the company, as well as overall job performance. On the other hand, poor communication skills project an unprofessional image and a lack of confidence. Your employees are a reflection of your corporation […]