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4 Tips for Crafting Email that Gets a Response!

  If you’re like most business professionals, the bulk of your professional communication is done through e-mail. E-mail is great for saving time and getting your thoughts and conversations down in writing; unfortunately, many people use e-mail practices that make their communication seem unprofessional and sloppy. Because people use e-mail to communicate in their personal […]

E-mail Etiquette: Part 2

How many e-mails have you answered today alone? As the business world becomes increasingly focused on electronic communication, most business professionals find themselves dedicating more time to e-mail and less to phone and in-person conversations. Although e-mail may seem like a less demanding way of interacting, there are still rules of etiquette that should be […]

E-mail Etiquette

If you’re like most business professionals, you probably use e-mail more than any other mode of communication. Just like face-to-face conversation, there are rules of etiquette for e-mail communication which can help to create a strong professional image. In order to make the best impression when contacting clients and colleagues via e-mail, make sure to […]

How to Choose the Best Form of Communication: Part 3

What’s the best way to contact a colleague or client? E-mail? A phone call? An in-person visit? Today we wrap up our three-part series on choosing the best form of communication for any business situation. What factors do you need to consider? How long is the other party’s response likely to be? When choosing a […]

What’s Your Best Communication Choice?

Last week we discussed the myriad of ways in which we can choose to communicate with others in the workplace. Whether it’s e-mail, texting, social media, a phone call, or a face-to-face visit, choosing the most appropriate method for connecting with someone requires some thought and attention. Today, we talk about some additional factors to […]

What Type of Communication Is Best?

As technology has grown at a break-neck pace, the different ways in which we communicate with others have expanded. When we want to contact a colleague, client or associate, we now have a myriad of ways to do it: a phone call, a text, a letter, an e-mail, an in-person visit, a Facebook message—the list […]