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A dynamic speaking voice is the key to success!

Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard! How to Shut Down Interruptions in the Workplace

If you’re a woman, being interrupted is probably an all too familiar scenario. Research has shown that women are interrupted significantly more often than men, even at the highest professional levels. A recent research article showed that female supreme court justices are interrupted at three times the rate of their male counterparts, regardless of seniority. […]

Four Easy Steps for Cutting Fillers out of Your Speech!

If you’re like most people, filler words and phrases creep into your speech much more than you realize. What exactly is a filler? My basic definition is any word or phrase that doesn’t add content or value to your message, for example, “um”, “like”, and “you know” (for a list of common fillers, check out […]

Are These Common Fillers Bringing Down Your Speech?

How often do you use filler words in your everyday speech? Everyone injects a filler in to their speech once in a while to buy themselves a moment to think or organize their thoughts. However, fillers become a problem when overused. Using too many fillers can distract from your message and can completely change your […]
Breaking through the glass ceiling

Using Communication to Shatter the Glass Ceiling

Last week I had the opportunity to be a part of a panel at the inaugural Intercollegiate Women Leadership Development Conference hosted by the Financial Women’s Association. As a panel member, I collaborated with a range of other pioneering women professionals and spoke with graduate students on how to “shatter the glass ceiling” as they […]

Do You Have a Filler Problem? Try Our 4-Step System!

  When it comes to professional communication, how you say something is often just as important as what you say. Last week we talked about some of the communication issues that young adults often experience as they’re making the transition from student to young professional, including the use of filler words. Fillers are words and […]

First Impressions: Part 3

Knowing how to make a strong first impression is key in creating business contacts and developing professional relationships. Today, we continue our series on how to make sure you’re creating a strong professional image from the very beginning:


At Corporate Speech Solutions, we strive to help you sound as confident and professional as possible in your speech. One habit that can be fatal to this professional, confident speaking style is the use of fillers. Fillers are words, phases or sounds which hold no content, but are often added to speech when peopleare unsure […]