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 Four Written Errors You Might Not Know You’re Making!

we gave some great strategies for creating a strong professional e-mail that gets a response. Although e-mail form and etiquette are essential, another important issue in professional written communication is spelling. Since nearly all of your software programs likely incorporate an automatic spell-check function, you may think that you don’t need to monitor your spelling […]

Don’t Let These 3 Grammar Errors Damage Your Credibility!

When I help my clients develop their professional communication skills, our main focus is often how to present your message; factors like speaking clearly, with an engaging, dynamic voice, and strong bod language can go a very long way towards improving your professional credibility and success. However, what you say can also play a significant […]

Are You Making These 4 Mistakes In Your Writing?

Last week we talked about some words that are commonly misused and how using a word incorrectly can undermine your credibility in the workplace. While vocabulary issues are a common pitfall in professional communication, written communication is even trickier. Since nearly all written communication is electronic now, spell check and auto-correct have all but eliminated […]

Words You Don’t Know You’re Misusing

Over the past two blogs we’ve discussed some common errors in speech and writing that many people unknowingly make on a regular basis. This week, we’ll wrap up our error series with three vocabulary words many people insert into their speech without entirely understanding what they mean. Many people try to use larger vocabulary words […]

Written Errors You Don’t Know You’re Making

Last week we discussed some common vocabulary and grammar errors many people make in professional speech. This week, we’ll continue the series with errors in written communication that many people don’t realize they’re making. People often incorrectly interchange the following words in their writing. Use the following rules as a guide to make sure your […]

Speech Errors You Don’t Know You’re Making

Everyone wants to sound as professional as possible when communicating in a business setting. Working on clear, understandable speech is important, but it is only one piece of the puzzle. Often people include inaccuracies in their speech that they are completely unaware of. This week, we discuss some common errors many people make in their […]