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How to Communicate with Clarity and Confidence on the Job Interview!

Learn the 5 critical skills that will have the greatest impact on your speech and give you the confidence you need to interview, do presentations or simply speak more effectively on the telephone.  Whether or not English is your first language or your second, you can easily learn to make these changes. Improving clarity and […]

Common Speech Issues: Young Adults

In this blog we spend much of our time discussing corporate and business-based communication issues. This week, we’ll take a look at a slightly different topic: speech and communication issues and challenges of teenagers and young adults. The road from childhood to adulthood is notoriously bumpy. One common obstacle along the way is

Silver accent reduction training testimonial

Video Testimonial from Gotzone, a client from Spain that participated in our Silver accent reduction training program during her two week visit to New York City, August 2011.

Tips for Communicative with Non-Native English Speakers

With globalization on the rise, the workplace is becoming an increasingly multicultural environment. Chances are, nearly everyone reading this blog has at least one colleague, customer, or work-related acquaintance who is a non-native speaker of English. When communicating with non-native speakers of English, many people try to compensate in ways which are not helpful to […]

Slang and Verbal Shorthand: Avoid the Pitfall!

Almost everyone uses verbal shorthand to some extent in casual conversation: using “yup” for “yes”, “k” for “okay”, “gonna” for “going to”, “wanna” for “want to” are all common ways of speaking. However, while using slang and verbal shorthand is a common and accepted way to speak with friends and casual acquaintances, this type of […]

Esther, NY

I had the opportunity to work with Jayne for close to 9 months. She really helped me to improve the clarity of my speech, both reducing my regional accent and increasing the quality of my enunciation. With Jayne’s help, I have been able to speak clearer, which is essential in my work as a Business […]

Joseph, NY

Jayne Latz is sincere and helpful. She pinpoints my speech problems and works on my weaknesses. She helps me to improve my pronunciation skills and increase my confidence level. Joseph, New York, NY

Danny, NY

It has been a great experience with Jayne Latz during the three month speech sessions. I believe that there is a lot of improvement on my speech regarding my pronunciation. She is diligent, patient and professional. She always encourages me to speak better. Danny, New York, NY

Acing the Interview: Answer Questions Like a Pro

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog over the past few weeks, you’ve picked up several tips and tricks for interviewing well, from establishing rapport with your interviewer to preparation. In this week’s post, we’ll address how to answer your interviewer’s questions in a professional engaging manner. Length is Key: When responding, be aware […]

Speaking with Confidence

When presenting yourself in a professional environment, appearing confident in yourself and your business are of the utmost importance. No one wants to trust someone who doesn’t appear to trust themselves. While a lucky few may naturally project a confident air, the majority of us must work to develop this skill. For the next two […]