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Four Simple Tips for a Resume that Gets Results!

If you’re looking to climb the corporate ladder or change the direction of your career, then you know how important the interview process is. Knowing how to present yourself well, speak with confidence, and project a professional, capable image is essential to acing the interview. However, all of these skills are useless unless you know […]

Breathe for Success!

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t put much thought into how you breathe. You breathe in and out as you go about your day, without stopping to consider exactly how you’re breathing. However, the way in which you breathe can make a big difference in your communication. Proper breath support and control can […]

Put Your Best Voice Forward

Have you ever listened to a recording of yourself and asked, “Is that how I really sound?!” There are many complaints people have about their voice: that it’s too whiny, too nasal, too high-pitched, too soft or any other host of issues. Poor voice quality isn’t just an aesthetic issue. A clear, dynamic voice is […]
Make the right first impression!

Are You Making the Right First Impression?

Exactly how much time do you have to make a strong first impression? Research from Experian Credit Expert in the United Kingdom found that the average person forms a first impression in the first 119 seconds of meeting someone new. This means you have just under two minutes to win over an important business contact […]

FAQ: What’s the Best Way to Improve My American English Accent?

Everyone has an accent. An accent is simply a way of speaking a language that is shaped by geography, culture, and native language, among many other things. Many people embrace their accent; it reflects their heritage and culture and is an important reflection of who they are. However, an accent can become problematic if it […]

May Is Better Speech and Hearing Month! How Can a Corporate Speech Pathologist Help You?

  Each May, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) celebrates Better Speech and Hearing Month, a campaign to raise public awareness of how speech-language pathology services can help improve communication skills and overall quality of life. Corporate speech-language pathologists specialize in helping professionals improve their communication skills in a professional setting. This training helps to build […]

Cross Cultural Communication: Do You Make These Mistakes?

Last week, we talked about how many idioms English speakers use in day-to-day conversation, and how learning some basic idioms can help you better understand conversations in the workplace and can make your speech sound more fluent and native-like. Today, we’re going to talk about the other side of the coin: as a native speaker, […]

The Results Are In! CSS Releases 2015 Survey

As the President and Founder of Corporate Speech Solutions, I am constantly working to find ways to improve the work we do and help you “Say it better.” A big part of that involves knowing exactly how communication affects success in the workplace and keeping up to date on the public’s perspective on professional communication. […]

Does Your Accent Change How Others See You?

As a professional speech coach, I see people who want to improve their communication for a variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons people seek my services is to reduce their accent. An accent is definitely not a bad thing in and of itself; in almost every case there’s no reason to try […]

3 Steps to Warm-up Your Voice for Maximum Power!

Projecting your voice in a strong, clear manner doesn’t just make your speech easier to understand; it also gives your listener the impression that you are confident in your message and that you are a natural leader. Warming up properly before speaking can go a long way towards developing a strong, dynamic voice. Take a […]