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Use Storytelling to Become a More Dynamic Speaker

The best public speakers know how to present their message in a way that keeps their audience engaged and leaves them thinking about your message long after they leave the room. One of the best ways to connect with your audience and drive home your message is including storytelling in your presentation. Facts, statistics and […]
How can communication training advance your career?

Inclusive Communication for a Stronger Professional Environment

Last week I presented on the topic of “Inclusive Communication.” What a perfect topic for someone who has been working with diverse cultures for over twelve years! It was an exciting presentation and a topic I am passionate about. Because of the importance of this topic, I wanted to share some highlights in this week’s […]
Thinking woman

Improve English Pronunciation through Vibration!

When trying to master the American English accent, the devil is in the details. There are many sounds in the English language that only vary from one another through one small change. One of these changes that often gets overlooked is voicing. Voicing refers to whether sound is simply produced using air or if you […]