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Ten Ways Speech Training Can Help Your Career!

Have you ever been asked to repeat yourself more than once because your listener was having trouble understanding you? Have others accused you of mumbling or speaking too quickly? If so, you may benefit from speech training!

Talking Business: A Guide to Professional Communication

At Corporate Speech Solutions, we’re constantly finding new ways to “help you say it better!” Over the years we’ve developed a range of products to help you develop your communication skills into your most powerful professional tool. We’re excited to announce that Talking Business: A Guide to Professional Communication, our innovative business-communication workbook, is now […]

Accent Reduction Made Easy: Free Event!

As the workplace becomes an increasingly global community, people from non-native English speaking backgrounds are becoming a typical part of the workplace. While many non-native English speakers consider their accent a part of their identity, for many people it can be a barrier to effective communication, which in turn can affect their career. For native […]

The Today Show Features Corporate Speech Solutions

Another exciting week for Corporate Speech Solutions! This past Friday Corporate Speech Solutions’ President and Founder, Jayne Latz, was featured on The Today Show. Jayne was featured on a segment discussing how your voice is perceived by others and how, with training, you can change the way you sound. Jayne discussed how recent studies have […]