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Archives of #Vocabulary

Are You Undermining Your Credibility with These Misused Words?

People often think that the key to sounding intelligent and articulate is using as many impressive vocabulary words as possible. However this can be risky; if you use words incorrectly, it can significantly undermine your credibility. Before adding a new word to your vocabulary, don’t just guess at its meaning from context. Actually take the […]

Five Simple Tips to Find the Right Words

If you’re like most professionals, you’ve had the experience of poring over an important document, e-mail or report that you’ve written, trying to make sure that you’ve chosen just the right words to convey your message. Unfortunately, in spoken communication you don’t have the luxury of time to choose your words quite as carefully. However […]

Words You Don’t Know You’re Using Wrong!

  Last week we talked about several words and phrases that can undermine your credibility as a professional. Another common problem is misusing words. People often make the mistake of equating a large vocabulary with being articulate and intelligent and try to pepper their speech with as many impressive vocabulary words as possible. Unfortunately this […]

Four Words You Might Be Misusing

Last week we discussed the common mistake of using overly big words as a way to try to sound intelligent and knowledgeable. While using large vocabulary words may help you to express a specific idea, you also run the risk of confusing your listener or sounding pretention. There is also the additional risk that you […]

Is Your Vocabulary Hurting Your Career?

            Are you one of the many, many people with a Learn a Word a Day calendar sitting on your desk? Do you try to incorporate new and complex words into your everyday professional conversation to sound more articulate? You might be hurting your career!

English Pronunciations & American Words We Misuse

Everyone wants to sound smart when they speak, especially in a professional setting. In an effort to sound intelligent and professional, many people try to lace their speech with complex vocabulary words. Unfortunately, this often leads to words being misused. Take a look at these commonly misused American words, and see how many have been […]

Words You Don’t Know You’re Misusing

Over the past two blogs we’ve discussed some common errors in speech and writing that many people unknowingly make on a regular basis. This week, we’ll wrap up our error series with three vocabulary words many people insert into their speech without entirely understanding what they mean. Many people try to use larger vocabulary words […]

Written Errors You Don’t Know You’re Making

Last week we discussed some common vocabulary and grammar errors many people make in professional speech. This week, we’ll continue the series with errors in written communication that many people don’t realize they’re making. People often incorrectly interchange the following words in their writing. Use the following rules as a guide to make sure your […]

Speech Errors You Don’t Know You’re Making

Everyone wants to sound as professional as possible when communicating in a business setting. Working on clear, understandable speech is important, but it is only one piece of the puzzle. Often people include inaccuracies in their speech that they are completely unaware of. This week, we discuss some common errors many people make in their […]