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Archives of #Voice

Does Your Voice Make You Sound Older than You Are?

As our society becomes ever more focused on youth, we’re constantly bombarded by a steady stream of products designed to make you look as young as possible. However, recently, there has been an increasing interest in sounding young as well. Because a dynamic, commanding voice is an essential part of a confident professional presence, many […]

A Dynamic Speaking Voice Starts with Good Vocal Hygiene!

A confident, commanding speaking voice is essential to successful public speaking. It doesn’t matter how excellent the content of your presentation is: if your speaking voice is weak or unpleasant to listen to, your message will be negatively impacted. The first step to a strong, effective speaking voice begins with good habits which keep your […]

FAQ: How Can I Project My Voice?

  What kind of an impression does your voice make? When speaking in public, using a strong, dynamic voice that projects to the very back of the audience is essential. A strong voice ensures that every member of your audience hears your message, whether you’re speaking to an audience of two or 2000. In addition, […]

FAQs: What can I do if I get nervous speaking in front of others?

  Does the thought of speaking in front of a group make you break out in a cold sweat? Do you find yourself rambling or struggling to find the right words when speaking in front of your colleagues or clients? If so, you’re not alone. Public speaking is one of the most common fears in […]

3 Steps to Warm-up Your Voice for Maximum Power!

Projecting your voice in a strong, clear manner doesn’t just make your speech easier to understand; it also gives your listener the impression that you are confident in your message and that you are a natural leader. Warming up properly before speaking can go a long way towards developing a strong, dynamic voice. Take a […]

3 Ways You Can Use Volume to Increase Your Communicative Power!

Have you ever been in a conversation or at a presentation where you had difficulty understanding the speaker because they didn’t project their voice loudly enough? Not only does speaking too quietly make it difficult for your listener to understand you, but it also can affect how others perceive you. Speaking at a consistently low […]

Vocal Care

Whenever an occasion for public speaking arises, a number of thoughts and worries tend to pop up: Do I know my material well enough? Will the audience be bored? How do I phrase what I want to say just right? While content and language should certainly be primary concerns, there is another aspect of public […]

Are You Happy with Your Voice?

Everyone has had the experience of hearing their own voice on a voicemail or video and exclaiming in horror, “Is that what I sound like?” While very few of us are entirely happy with the way we sound, the majority assume that they are stuck with the voice they hear. Rarely do people realize that […]

Voice Misuse in the Workplace

When considering professional communication, we put a lot of effort into what we say (the language of business) and how we say it (clear, slow speech). However, there is a third component of business communication that often goes unnoticed: how you use your voice.   When giving a presentation or speaking to a group, it’s […]