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A Resume That Speaks for Itself: Content

Last week we started addressing the first, and one of the most important, steps in the hiring process: the resume. Our first blog focused on resume style and format—how to create a clean resume with a professional appearance. Now that you know how to craft a resume that people will want to read, the next […]

Written Errors You Don’t Know You’re Making

Last week we discussed some common vocabulary and grammar errors many people make in professional speech. This week, we’ll continue the series with errors in written communication that many people don’t realize they’re making. People often incorrectly interchange the following words in their writing. Use the following rules as a guide to make sure your […]

Slang and Verbal Shorthand: Avoid the Pitfall!

Almost everyone uses verbal shorthand to some extent in casual conversation: using “yup” for “yes”, “k” for “okay”, “gonna” for “going to”, “wanna” for “want to” are all common ways of speaking. However, while using slang and verbal shorthand is a common and accepted way to speak with friends and casual acquaintances, this type of […]

Business E-mail: Privacy

In last week’s blog, we discussed how to use e-mail etiquette to write professional communication that gets results. This week, we’ll discuss how to address some of the privacy issues that can come along with e-mail use.