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I would definitely recommend the course

Hi Jayne, Alina did a great job teaching me the different areas that make up effective speech. Speaking is definitely not one of my strengths, but now I know what I need to improve on and how to continue practicing better speech. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who is interested in improving […]

True Professionals

Hi Jayne, Thanks for checking in! I have nothing but good things to say about my ten session course. It was obvious that I showed substantial improvement from class 1 to class 10. Even for some of the speaking characteristics that I did not have great improvements on, because of Alina I am aware of […]

Overcoming Fear

“Thank you for checking in…the presentation went very well! Jonathan had his best run through to-date, live in front of the incredibly large audience. He paused, made eye contact, spoke with confidence, and delivered the content perfectly. He nailed the intro as well! I know I speak for us both when I say that Jonathan […]

A Great Instructor

Laurie is a great instructor. I’ve learned so much and will apply all that I’ve learned into my personal and work life. Karen 5/29/18

Excellent Training – I miss her

Alina was excellent by being always present, providing me with a right amount of challenge, understanding of my struggles and needs, and providing constructive feedback. I miss not seeing her every week! 5/14/2018

Good-bye Filler Words

“Alina constantly let me know if I was saying any fillers while we spoke which kept me aware. She also did a fantastic job with helping me speak with a higher and clear tone while erasing my glottal fry I would recommend her to anyone because she is patient, but expects you to put in […]

Highly Skilled Trainer

Paul is very professional and highly skilled. He can pinpoint the sounds I said wrong and can explain how to make the correct sounds. 3/23/18

Thank you!

I really enjoyed all the sessions and learned many tips to improve my incorrect voiced consonants and vowels. Jayne had provided me a very good training by putting more stress on the specific characters which I am struggling with and remind me in in every session to make sure I stay on track. She constantly […]

Learning is Fun

Great experience – Alina explains in a perfect way and learning and practicing was fun with her. Many thanks! 7/6/17