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Tricky Silent Letters (Audio File)

Tricky Silent Letters (Audio File)

Do you know that the /b/ is silent in the word “thumb” and it is pronounced “thum?” What about the word plumber? Did you know that the word is pronounced “plumer” and the /b/ is silent?

If not, you are not alone.

We created this audio file for you to increase your knowledge and your confidence of 74 of common words with “tricky silent letters.”

What you will get?
· Audio file of 74 Tricky Silent Letters
· Supplement PDF with the 74 words spelled out along with their definitions. This makes it easy for you to listen and read at the same time.

By mastering these 74 words you will quickly increase your confidence when speaking socially and professionally. Order your copy today and begin the road of pronunciation improvement.

Order your copy to tackle the trickiest hurdles along the road of pronunciation improvement. This package will immediately help you reduce your most common errors, while giving you a boost in speaking confidence in both personal and professional settings.

Only $6.95!

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