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Writing Presentation Content

Compelling Speech Content

A great speaker needs great content

 Giving a memorable speech is a remarkable opportunity. But you need two things to get there – strong presentation skills AND compelling, persuasive content. Jayne Latz will empower you on the presentation skills side. Don Heymann will help you develop clear, powerful content that wins over audiences.

Don has been a writer and content strategist for more than 30 years, developing speeches and presentations for Fortune 500 CEOs, senior executives, nonprofit leaders, and even research scientists. He’ll help you prepare speeches that will:

• Focus on your key messages clearly and concisely.
• Flow logically from point to point to build your case.
• Connect with your audience in a personable and engaging style.
• Convey complex or technical information without being boring.
• Employ visual tools, like PowerPoint, to reinforce audience engagement.
• Motivate and energize your audience to take action.

We’ve all suffered through speeches that are too long, that meander without a clear message or point of view, or that leave the audience confused and bored.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

How we work with you

We’ll work with you privately, starting with a meeting or call, depending on time and location, to discuss your requirements and the nature of the speaking engagement. Available during the business day, evenings and Saturdays, we’ll make sure you get exactly what you want.

 We will gather information and write your speech, or help you draft it, whether you prefer a complete script, a detailed bulleted outline or just notes. And we’ll provide guidance on the most effective use of PowerPoint and other visual tools.

Small group or large business event, you’ll feel confident with a presentation that has the language, structure and techniques to keep your audience focused and interested. And they will remember and embrace your key messages long after the presentation.

Questions? Call for a free consultation on how we can help you create compelling and persuasive content for your next speech or presentation. Shall we get started?

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