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Writing Better Business Emails

Do your emails contain grammatical errors and spelling mistakes?

Are your emails too long? Too chatty? Too wordy?

Do your email typos chip away at your professional image?

 Learn to write effective, results-oriented emails that showcase your abilities as a business leader. In one-on-one sessions, we will analyze past emails you have written and re-configure them to suit the communications guidelines and approach used by successful executives in your company. You will learn how to apply business writing rules to your own work. You will adapt our “rest and revise” process to correct and improve your communications before you send them out.

You will learn to:

• Write down key points before you begin your email
• Write a subject line that explains the point of the message
• Lead with what’s most important
• Set the context for the message
• Use clear, concise language
• Adapt the “rest and revise” process, which factors in an hour lay-aside prior to sending an email, to your own work style.

How We Work with You You will send us two or three emails you wish to improve and two or three examples of “good” emails. We will work with you to correct the errors in the material you share and show you how to apply important business writing best practices. In each session we will review and re-work two or three emails you select for this purpose.

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