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Jannina Alvarez

Corporate Speech Solution has been the most rewarding experience in my life. Kathleen Edwards has gone above and beyond her responsibilities to help me improve my fear for public speaking and interviewing.  Having English as my second language has always made me so self-conscious of my accent and the way I speak; therefore it has prevented me front stepping up into new roles within my career.

Kathleen’s advice and patience has helped me in numerous ways. On every class, she will point out new strategies that I could utilized to reduce my accent and feel more secure of my speech.  She helped me preparing for a meeting at the White House with the Office of Budget and Management.  At that moment I felt that I was the luckiest person in the world to have someone help me prepared and hold my hand through the process. I did a great job and I owed that to Kathleen.  She also help me preparing for a job interview and thanks to her guidance and motivation, I was able to do a great job.

She provided me the tools to succeed and I will be always grateful to her. I will highly recommend Kathleen to any colleague, friend or anyone that wants to improve their confidence for public speaking, interviewing or just for day to day interactions.  I feel that what I gained with my sessions with Kathleen will not only help me with presentations or interviewing, but instead with day to day interactions.  I also learn that I could apply this skills on my native language.

Kathleen, is extremely enthusiastic and smart, she makes you feel confident and secure while providing you the tools to succeed.

Jannina Alvarez, International Specialty Products