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What a great program!

I truly enjoyed learning from Alina. She was patient, caring and professional. When I was in Guam last week, I received many compliments from the people who attended my seminars. They mentioned they enjoyed listening to my presentation, the pronunciation, tone of my voice and the speed. These were something I learned from Alina through […]


Alina has been absolutely amazing!  So glad you recommended her to me.  It’s been a great pleasure working with Alina and I mentioned reconnecting with her in the future for practice sessions on upcoming important meetings, projects, etc. Leo 8/2022

Monica was fantastic

Training with Monica was fantastic!  I am pleased with my progress and look forward to continuing to work on my  skills. Thank you. Haru 8/2022

Management will notice the improvement

Laurie was amazing as always. She was very reliable and agreed to meet me the day before my big presentation. My manager,mentioned to me that my presentation came out significantly better after my session with Laurie. I hope you have an enjoyable summer! 8/2022

Interview Prep

I found the session with Alina to be helpful. She definitely utilized our time in a productive manner, she also  gave me good feedback and practice. We have the next session scheduled for Wednesday. Thank you for checking in.

I learned a lot of skills and lessons

I learned a lot of skills and lessons to build my confidence throughout the program and will continue to practice. Alina’s feedback and observations were very valuable as I’m more self aware of certain habits that I’d like to address in order to improve. I may be back at some point in the future! Regards, […]

I have learned so much…

The training is going well and Alina is fantastic. I have learned so much over these past few weeks and I am so excited. Thank you so much for developing these programs to help people like me to succeed in this competitive world. Keep up the good work.

Exceeding my expectations

My sincere thanks and appreciation for your team on conducting this training and exceeding my expectations. The sessions were really useful, practical and effective as I was able to see some positive changes after a couple of sessions. The content was crisp and clear. It has been a great pleasure working with Laurie. Laurie was diligent,professional,able to […]

CSS surpassed my expectations

The training program with CSS surpassed my expectations. Alina is a superb coach and goes above and beyond the training materials.  I have developed a level of confidence to present in front of an audience as a result of the new techniques learned. Enunciation was an area that I wanted to improve and i feel […]