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Speak to Lead is a great group!

Hi Jayne and her team, Alina, Laurie, and Margo. Last Saturday, May 22nd, was my first session to Speak to Lead. My colleagues at this training gave me useful feedback. I learned a great method to structure my response to apply for everyday-meeting or during an interview. As a French speaker, It is a double […]

It was so valuable

Thanks so much for reaching out! It was great! I really felt like I was actually able to make a few concrete changes over the course of the training, and I now know what I need to work on moving forward to continue to improve. Alina was absolutely incredible, and she was able to find […]

I have so much confidence now

My experience with Margo was great! I have so much confidence now because I have learned so many essential tools that have improved my speaking ability. I’m so grateful and I would like to thank you for giving me a great and fantastic speech coach.May god bless you and your family for all the wonderful […]

Beyond my expectation

The training is not only very useful as usual but also adds a lot of practical value to my current work.The practical and current application of the training is definitely beyond my expectation. The remote approach works brilliantly and if anything adds value in terms of time, focus, energy, and ability to record. I also grew in confidence. […]

Gave me confidence

“Very much enjoyed my time with Alina over the summer. She helped bolster my skills and gave me confidence in using/powering my voice in both formal settings and during more informal business communication.” Brent 2020

I am no longer scared

Hi Jayne, Everything is going great! I am really noticing a change/improvement in my presentation and speaking skills. I also notice that I am getting excited about speaking in public rather than nervous or scared. Working with Corporate Speech Solutions and Margo has had a huge impact for me. I am truly grateful. Best, Kristen

Wow- such a difference

“Thank you! It’s been such a 180. I even had the director of a client acquisition at my firm telling me to update my company resume with “great Presenter” and “effective communicator.”  It’s great to hear. There is definitely a need to pause more for sure. But wow- such a difference. Thanks again!” Marilyn. 10/14/2020

I feel more confident

I believe I have improved significantly and these sessions exceed expectations. I wish I could do these classes forever thats how much I am enjoying my sessions with Margo. Margo is a great coach and overall wonderful person. We get along pretty well and she has helped me tremendously. I feel more confident and I […]

Virtual session went very smoothly

I had such a wonderful experience with Margo and the training.  From the very beginning Margo made me feel comfortable and at ease.  She was able to help me identify both my strengths and opportunity areas and helped me find the right solution for me to make improvements.  When something didn’t work for me, Margo […]