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E-mail Etiquette: Part 2

How many e-mails have you answered today alone? As the business world becomes increasingly focused on electronic communication, most business professionals find themselves dedicating more time to e-mail and less to phone and in-person conversations. Although e-mail may seem like a less demanding way of interacting, there are still rules of etiquette that should be followed to maintain a professional image. Last week we covered some basic techniques for professional e-mail etiquette. Today, we conclude with the second part on professional e-mail strategies:

Formal Grammar: For one reason or another, people often feel that it is acceptable to write more casually in an e-mail than they would in a traditional written letter. However, using improper grammar, fragmented sentences or incorrect punctuation can make you appear unprofessional or devalue your message. Make sure to speak as formally in an e-mail as you would in any other business interaction, and make sure that you proofread before pressing send.

Use Reply All Sparingly: Most people are already overwhelmed by the amount of e-mail they receive on a day-to-day basis. So there are few things more annoying than having e-mails that don’t actually pertain to you added to the deluge clogging up your inbox. When replying to an e-mail, carefully consider whether or not your reply is important to everyone on the e-mail or only the original sender before choosing “reply” or “reply all.”

Never-ending Chains: Know when to end an e-mail chain and start a new one. Often in the course of replying back and forth, the topic of an e-mail chain can change drastically. Having separate e-mail chains for different topics can make finding archived e-mails and locating information much easier.

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