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Are Your Communication Skills Holding You Back?

Clear CommunicationStrong communication is a critical part of professional advancement. While knowing how to express your ideas in a clear, professional way is important, it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. Speaking with clarity and confidence are essential to strong business communication and professional advancement.

Are your communication skills strong enough to bring you to the next level? Take Corporate Speech Solutions’ communication assessment and find out!

How would you rate the following FIVE critical aspects of your communication skills?

1. Clarity of Speech (Pronunciation of words)

  • People often ask me to repeat what I’ve said. (1 pt)
  • I occasionally mumble. (2 pt)
  • I use clear pronunciation. (3 pts)

2. Rate of Speech (Speed with which I speak) 

  • I’m often asked to slow down. (1 pt)
  • Sometimes people act confused when I speak. (2 pts)
  • I adjust my rate of speech depending on content/purpose. (3 pts)

3. Volume of Speech (Loudness of my voice)

  • I feel frustrated when others ask me to speak up. (1 pt)
  • I sometimes strain my voice to be heard. (2 pts)
  • I know when and how to change my vocal volume. (3 pts)

4. Communication Style

  • I am a long-winded speaker. (1 pt)
  • Occasionally I am unsure where to pause. (2 pts)
  • I am concise in my communication. (3 pts)

5. Use of Fillers

  • I am unaware that I frequently insert “um,” “like,” “you know,”  in my conversation.  (1 pt)
  • I am aware that I often insert “um,” “like,” “you know,”  in my conversation but don’t know how to stop. (2 pts)
  • I do not use a “filler word” more than two times in two minutes. ( 3 pt)

Once you have selected one answer for each category, total up your points.

If you scored less than 15 points, your communication could be holding you back! Professional speech training can turn your communication skills into a powerful skill that will set you apart from others. For information on the New York Based Speech and Accent Reduction services offered by Corporate Speech Solutions please Give us a call at 212-308-7725 or visit us on the web at www.corporatespeechsolutions.com.

Which area of speech do you find the most challenging? When speaking with coworkers, which do you find the most distracting? Share your story in the comments section below!