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Exciting News from Corporate Speech Solutions!

Communicate with clarity and confidence for professional success!

At Corporate Speech Solutions, we’re constantly working to develop new materials to help you “say it better!” Today we’re excited to announce that the brand new third edition of our hit workbook, Taking Business: When English Is Your Second Language, is now available!


Whether you’re a business professional looking to reduce your foreign accent, fine-tune your American English pronunciation, or simply want to improve your professional communication skills, this book is for you!

As in previous editions, this workbook features over one hundred pages of specific instruction on the pronunciation of the sounds of Standard American English, with dozens of examples words and sentences. You’ll also find over one hundred digital sound files, so you can listen to a native speaker produce each sound, word, and phrase, and fine-tune your speech to match. In addition, this workbook includes an entire chapter dedicated to better business communication so that you too, can turn your communication skills into your most powerful business tool.

Inside you’ll find:

•           Chapter 1: Communication Skills for Better Business

•           Chapter 2: Vowels

•           Chapter 3: Consonants

•           Chapter 4: Helpful Hints for Clear Communication

This latest edition has been edited based on client feedback and contains contributions from five corporate speech language pathologists!

Changing the way one speaks is never easy, but it’s much harder if you don’t have the right tools. Let us help you along the way. Order your copy of Talking Business today, and develop the essential skills needed to become a dynamic and confident speaker!

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