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Transform yourself! Learn to speak like a pro

Join us on Wednesday, March 26 to learn how  we transform business professionals into strong, confident and successful speakers.

This workshop is designed to provide valuable tips to impact your business communication skills. Strong communication skills lead to new jobs, promotions and more money! Highlights of the program will include:

  •  Improving clarity and enunciation while speaking
  •  Vocal training to create a more dynamic speaking voiceand to eliminate the soft or monotone voice
  •   How to excel on the telephone
  •   Proven technique to reduce the excessive use of fillerwords (uh, um, you know…)
  •  The importance of nonverbal communication skills

You will walk away with tools and tips that will immediately transform your communication skills and give you greater clarity and confidence.

Location: 2 Park Avenue at 33rd Street, Suite 300. Must arrive at 6PM to avoid delay in entering due to building security. Must register in advance. Due to building security no walk-ins permitted.

Special Event Tickets: $25.00