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How Would You Rate Your Communication Skills?

Communication ImprovementHow well do you actually communicate? While you may have a rough idea of your communication skills, it can be helpful to occasionally step back and formally take stock of your communication strengths and weaknesses. At Corporate Speech Solutions, we’ve developed the following exercise to help you rate your communication skills so you can take them to the next level

For each of the five aspects of communication listed below, rate yourself 1 through 3 according to the following scale, then add up your score:
1= I need a lot of work in this area
2= I need some improvement in this area
3= I think my skills in this area are just right

  • Volume: Rate your ability to project your voice. Do people frequently ask you to repeat what you just said? Do you take deep enough breaths to support a strong dynamic vocal quality? Are you comfortable projecting your voice when speaking to a group?
  • Clarity: Rate the clarity of your speech. Do people often have trouble understanding you because you swallow your words? Have you been told that you mumble or run your words together? Do you pronounce each and every sound when you speak, especially the consonants at the end of each word?
  • Rate of Speech: Rate the speed of your delivery. Do you speed up your speech when you’re excited or nervous? Do you forget to breathe when giving a presentation or speaking in front of a crowd? Do you have trouble pausing to emphasize important points or give your audience time to digest your message?
  • Communication Style: Rate your communication style. Are you long-winded? Do you know how to get your message across in a concise and precise fashion? Do you tend to ramble on before getting to the point?
  • Use of Fillers: Rate your use of filler words. How often do you use words and phrases that don’t contribute to your message, such as um, uh, like, you know, basically, and so. Do you use any of these words more than twice in a two minute period? If so, you may need to curb your use of filler words.

If you scored below a 15, you may benefit from professional communication training! Speech improvement and corporate communication training can help you to hone your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses to turn your communication into your most powerful business tool. Want to hear more? Check out the following video by Corporate Speech Solutions founder and president, Jayne Latz:

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