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Ten Ways Speech Training Can Help Your Career!

Ace the InterviewHave you ever been asked to repeat yourself more than once because your listener was having trouble understanding you? Have others accused you of mumbling or speaking too quickly? If so, you may benefit from speech training!

Being able to communicate in a clear, confidence manner is critical in the professional world. It doesn’t matter how strong your sales pitch is: if the client can’t understand what you’re saying or if your speech seems sloppy or unprofessional, they may take their business elsewhere. This is also true in the job market. Even if you give the best interview of your life, if your communication skills are lacking, you are very likely to be passed over for another candidate.

So what exactly is speech training? Speech training helps you to speak in the clearest way possible so that your speech is easily understood. Speech training also works to improve the professionalism and the impact of your communication skills. Here are just some of the goals we at Corporate Speech Solutions target in speech training in order to transform the way you deliver your spoken message:

  1. Communicate with clarity and confidence
  2. Develop a dynamic speaking voice
  3. Eliminate mumbling
  4. Speak at an appropriate rate to be understood
  5. Eliminate “filler words” such as “um,” “uh,” and “like”
  6. Improve pronunciation
  7. Reduce regional and foreign accents for clearer speech
  8. Develop more professional body language
  9. Speak in a clear, articulate manner in meetings and on the phone
  10. Improve public speaking skills for stronger, more professional presentations.

Want to learn more? Click on the video below to hear Corporate Speech Solutions President, Jayne Latz, discuss what you can accomplish through speech training:

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