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Two Easy Tips to Excel on the Telephone

Practice your speech skills!Developing strong communication skills is critical to success in today’s increasingly competitive professional environment. However, the strategies you use to improve your communication can vary depending on the situation. One situation that can be particularly tricky is phone conversations. As listeners, we rely on non-verbal cues from our conversation partners constantly, even if we don’t realize it. On the telephone, we no longer have those cues to help us get our message across.

Take a look at the following tips to excel on the telephone from Corporate Speech Solutions, and make sure you’re making the right impression!

  • Don’t Rush through Your Number: Making sure your phone number is understood is one of the most crucial parts of a business phone call. This is particularly important in a situation where the other person may not have your contact information, like reaching out to a new networking contact or attempting to connect with a new client. If the listener isn’t sure about how to get in contact with you, the entire effort is wasted. When leaving your phone number in a voicemail, make sure to pause between the chunks of your phone number to make it easier to understand. For example: “Please call me back at two one two (pause) five five five (pause) six one two three.” In addition, make sure you’re not taking short cuts. This means, say each individual number instead of collapsing them together. Say, “Two four three six” not “twenty-four thirty-six”.
  • Body Language Still Matters! Even though the listener can’t see you on the phone, body language can play a huge role in vocal energy. When making an important phone call, don’t recline or slouch: sit up as straight as possible, or even stand up. This will make your voice sound more dynamic and energetic. Facial expression can also play a role in how you sound. Smile as your talking; it will come through in your voice and create a positive impression.

Want to learn more? Click here to listen to Corporate Speech Solutions’ founder and President, Jayne Latz, talk about more great ways to succeed on the telephone!

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