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Are You Paid What You’re Worth? 2 Essential Tips for Negotiating a Raise!

Clear CommunicationHave your professional skills evolved beyond your current salary? Start 2015 out right by getting paid what you’re worth! Take a look at our tips for using strong communication skills to get the raise you deserve:

Use Concrete Language and Examples: Before asking for a raise, think about why you deserve one in the first place. Then, back this up with concrete evidence. Come to the conversation prepared with numbers and specific examples that objectively demonstrate your high performance. A statement like, “Under my management, sales have risen over 15% per quarter for the past two years,” is much more convincing than, “I am an excellent manager.” Likewise, come prepared with research which demonstrates the typical salary range for your type of position in the industry as well as an expected salary path (i.e. how compensation may increase over time with experience or knowledge). Also investigate the duties that are typically included in job descriptions for your type of position. If you find that you are doing more than is generally expected, can also use this to support your request. Finally avoid using language that focuses on your need rather than your worth. Remember, you are not paid based on your financial situation, but your value to the company.

Communicate with Clarity and Confidence: Sometimes how you make your case is just as important as what you’re actually saying. Appearing confident and professional can significantly sway the odds in your favor. During the conversation, speak at an even, relaxed pace—rushing your words will not only make it difficult for you to be understood, but you will come across as nervous and unsure of yourself. Also make sure that you are speaking as clearly as possible. Articulate each and every sound, and don’t run your words together. This will allow you to appear more educated and competent, and will also ensure that your boss understands every word you are saying.

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