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January 26th Is Better Business Communication Day! Improve Your Skills With These 3 Easy Tips!

14-5Did you know that January 26th is Better Business Communication Day? This is a great time to take stock and see if you’re using your professional communication skills to the best of your ability. Strong, confident communication is essential in any professional situation and can make or break opportunities in the workplace. Take a look at our three tips to transform your communication skills into your most powerful professional tool: 

  1. Watch Your Rate: Many people talk more quickly when they’re nervous or feel passionately about a topic. Running your words together makes it difficult for your listener to understand your speech, and it can give the impression that you’re not confident in the situation or your message. Try to speak at a relaxed, even pace, especially in situations in which you may feel tense or under pressure.
  2. Keep It Clear: Crisp, clear speech helps your listener understand each and every word of your message and makes you sound more professional and polished. Make sure that you pronounce each letter of every word, especially the sounds at the end of a word. Too often, people drop the last sound of a word, making them appear sloppy and making their speech difficult to understand.
  3. Body Language Counts! Non-verbal cues can be just as powerful as speech when someone is forming their opinion of you. Use strong, confident posture, with your back straight and your shoulders back, and avoid fidgeting. Maintain eye contact with your conversation partner; lowering your eyes or looking away too frequently can signal insecurity or boredom.

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