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Are You Speaking With Your Best Voice?


How does your voice impact your career? Last week, in support of Better Speech and Hearing Month, we talked about some of the ways a speech-language pathologist can help people communicate. Today we’ll focus more closely on one of those areas: voice training.

A speech-language pathologist can help a person speak with their best voice in a number of ways. Often people seek out the help of a speech therapist because they have sustained a vocal injury of some kind. Over time, bad habits like straining the muscles that produce speech or using poor breath support can result in injuries to the vocal cords, like nodules or polyps. A speech-language pathologist can help a person who has this type of injury rehabilitate their vocal cords and regain their former vocal quality. Speech therapists also provide training in good “vocal hygiene” to prevent injuries and keep your voice strong and clear. This might include exercises and strategies to reduce muscle tension, hydrating more often, developing stronger breath support, or reducing damaging vocal behavior, like habitual throat clearing.

Speech-language pathologists can also help change the quality of your voice. Many people find that their vocal quality is holding them back professionally—the ability to speak with a clear, confident voice is essential to commanding the attention of your listener or audience and letting them know your message is worth hearing. A speech therapist can help improve vocal strength and clarity, as well as modify other vocal quality issues, such as an overly nasal or high-pitched voice. Want to learn more? Check out this article in the Wall Street Journal about how your voice can impact your career, and watch the video below to learn how a speech-language pathologist can help you change the way you sound!

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