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Taking Your Career to the Next Level: 3 Communication Tips for the Driven CPA

By Jayne Latz and Jack Appleman

Strong communication skills are becoming an increasingly in-demand skill for accountants. In addition to having top-notch financial expertise, the most successful CPAs are now expected to have professional speaking, writing, and overall communication skills as well. How can you take your communication and your career to the next level? Last week, we gave you three strategies to improve your professional communication skills. Today we’re continuing with part 2 with three more easy tips!

Be direct. Many people feel that using overly complicated language makes them seem educated and articulate. Unfortunately it usually just obscures your message and alienates your listener. For example, instead of saying, “Our capabilities revolve around incorporating a process that allows tax managers to enhance workplace efficiencies, resulting in maximum gains in the team’s overall productivity,” try saying, “We help tax managers work more efficiently so the team maximizes productivity.” Deleting unnecessary words and simplifying your language will help you get your point across and make your message more memorable.

Control your rate of speech. By speaking at a steady pace, you’ll convey your message without running out of breath. Listeners need time to process what’s being said. When you speak too quickly, people may not be able to absorb key information. Always take a breath. Speak in sound bites. And use strategic pausing to help you slow down and eliminate those unprofessional “filler words,” such as “um,” “uh,” “so” and “basically.”

Power up your voice. The volume of your voice speaks volumes about you. It can allow you to exude self-confidence, even if you don’t feel that way at that moment. To give your voice more power, exercise your vocal cords. First, take a deep breath, inhale and then exhale. That should feel good. If not, take another deep breath-making sure to breathe from your diaphragm-and exhale slowly. When you are able to easily count to 15 on the exhalation, go to 20. You can also warm up your voice by singing up the musical scale, even if you’re tone deaf!

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