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Use Storytelling for a Presentation that Leaves an Impression

Everyone loves a good story. Learning to incorporate stories into your public speaking can make the difference between a boring presentation and one that your audience continues to talk about long after they leave the room. Facts, statistics and jargon can make even the most eager audience member glaze over, but a strong story will keep your audience engaged and make your message much more memorable. Take a look at the three tips below to successfully incorporate storytelling into your next public speaking event!

  1. Start strong. Introduce a story early on to keep people interested from the beginning. The sooner stories are inserted into your meetings and presentations, the more the audience will connect with what you have to say. I recently listened to a keynote presentation. The speaker was a former New Yorker, now living in Dallas. He immediately referenced how happy he was to be visiting New York City and to be able to eat New York bagels! The audience felt more connected right from the start.
  2. Keep your audience in mind. What does this particular group of people find important? What do they find stressful? What are the problems they face day to day? By tailoring your stories to your audience, you’ll add personal meaning and make your stories more relevant and relatable.
  3. Tailor the story to your message. Don’t simply add in stories for the sake of storytelling; make sure that each story has something meaningful to contribute to your main message or one of your supporting points. Don’t lose sight of why you’re telling the story in the first place.

Want to learn more? Check in with us again next week when we’ll provide three more simple tips for incorporating storytelling into your public speaking.

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