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Listen up! Four Tips to Sharpen Your Listening Skills

How much attention do you pay to your listening skills? You may be a great presenter but are you listening to the feedback you receive? Communication is a two-way street, and effective listening can make or break an interaction. Take a look at these four tips to sharpen your listening skills in the workplace:
1. Listen with your Whole Body: Non-verbal communication says a lot about how invested you are in an interaction. Face the other person with your whole body, and occasionally acknowledge their speech with gestures like nodding. Try to maintain eye contact rather than constantly glancing around the room, and avoid postures that can make you seem closed off, like crossing your arms.

2. Never Interrupt: We’re all taught when we’re children that interrupting is rude, but all too often we forget this golden rule as adults. You may be eager to give input or ask a question, but if you don’t wait for the speaker to finish first, you risk missing important information and appearing rude and unprofessional.

3. Ask for Clarification: If you don’t fully understand the point your partner is making, politely stop them and ask for clarification. It will prevent misunderstandings down the road, and shows your partner that you are genuinely interested in their message.

4. Pay Attention! Too often people simply wait for their turn to speak in a conversation instead of really giving their conversation partner their full attention. By devoting your full attention to what the other person is saying, you’ll improve the content of your end of the conversation as well, and convey to the other person that you value what they have to say.

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