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Are You Writing These American English Phrases Correctly?


Woman writingLast week we talked about common American English idioms that people often get wrong. Today we’ll talk about idiom mistakes that might not be noticeable when spoken because they sound so close to the original, but will definitely attract attention if written down. Check out the list below and make sure you’re using these common idioms and phrases correctly!


Wrong: Escape goat

Right: A scapegoat

What it means: A person who is blamed for something that isn’t their fault


Wrong: Make do

Right: Make due

What it means: To make the best of something, or to do the best you can with what you have


Wrong: Doggie dog world

Right: Dog eat dog world

What it means: Used to describe a ruthlessly competitive situation


Wrong: Play it by year

Right: Play it by ear

What it means: To improvise or act spontaneously instead of having a set plan

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