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Strategies to Develop Vocal Presence in Remote Communication

A strong, dynamic voice is always important for projecting confidence and presenting yourself like the expert you are. However vocal presence becomes even more essential when you’re separated from your listener by your computer screen. Check out our tips below for projecting your voice with clarity and confidence even when you’re not in the same room as your listener.

Breathe the Right Way: In order to achieve a strong, clear voice without straining, you should be breathing from your abdomen, not your chest. As you inhale, focus on relaxing your abdomen, and letting your stomach and lower ribs expand outward. This type of breathing (diaphragmatic breathing) gives you the best support and the ability to control your breathing.

Posture is Key: Good diaphragmatic breathing is impossible to achieve if you’re slouched over. Imagine a string running from your tailbone, through your spine, and out the top of your head, with a gentle force pulling from above. Keep your shoulders relaxed, and your chin level with the floor.

Keep It Consistent: Even people who typically speak with a strong voice sometimes drop their volume at the end of a sentence. This habit risks your listener missing important information, especially over virtual communication where computer microphones may reduce quality. Keep your volume strong throughout each of your sentences to make your speech sound more energized, confident, and clear.

Warm Up for a Dynamic Voice: When working from home, many people go long stretches without talking to others. Warm up before jumping on your next video call or virtual meeting to make sure your voice is strong, dynamic, and engaging. Breathe in on a count of five, and exhale on “mmmmmmmmaaaah” alternating between “mmmm” and “ahh.” Take a deep breath and gently release it on “aaaah” going from your highest note to your lowest in a long sigh. Lip and tongue trills are another great way to gently warm up your voice.

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