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Mastering Leadership Communication: Tackling 3 Common Challenges for Professional Success

Leadership roles face communication problems and other challenges. As a leader, your role extends beyond taking responsibility for oneself, but also for the ones you lead. It also requires the ability to communicate effectively across different platforms. Here are three communication problems in leadership & how to fix them!

  1. Not Communicating The “Why”

    • Many conversations, meetings, or even emails leave recipients in confusion rather than understanding its actual purpose. As a leader, communicating the why is key to success. The five purposes of communication are to inform, to imagine, to influence, to meet social expectations, and to express feelings. Rather than ramble about information that isn’t relevant to your point, try this:
      • Ask yourself: What is the purpose of your communication? What is the goal you are trying to achieve? Once you’ve answered these questions, stick to a few simple points so that others can receive your message clearly.
  2. Avoiding Challenging Conversations

    • Another big communication mistake is avoiding challenging conversations. Perhaps you are afraid of confrontation or other’s reaction, don’t have enough time, or fear disapproval. However, these conversations are among the most critical. Consequently, avoiding them is worse. Rather than avoid it, try this:
      • List down the facts of the situation
      • Identify the possible emotions and validate them
      • Rehearse the conversation beforehand
      • Expect a positive outcome
      • Remember that YOU are the role model. People are looking for you to lead (and in this case, lead the conversation)
  3. Not Communicating Enough Information

    • Failing to provide enough information is ineffective. Furthermore, it can result in confusion, a lot of back-and-forth, wasted resources or rework, and mistakes. Next time you’re trying to communicate, follow these accordingly:
      • Make your point clear and concise
      • Include any necessary instructions
      • Include facts that are relevant to the purpose
      • Be transparent

To sum up communication in leadership, remember:

“Communication is a core leadership function, meaning effective workplace communication and effective leadership are closely intertwined. An effective leader needs to be a skilled communicator, applying that skill in relationships at the organizational level, in larger communities and groups, and sometimes even on a global scale.”


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