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More Communication Problems in Leadership & How to Fix Them!

There are many common communication problems in leadership. As a leader, your role extends beyond taking responsibility for oneself. You are also responsible for the ones you lead. This requires the ability to communicate effectively across different platforms. How do you achieve this? Last month, we talked about three common communication problems in leadership & how to fix them! Let’s add on and discuss three more:

  1. Not Adjusting Your Communication Style Accordingly

    • Just as people learn differently, they also communicate differently. Never assume that each person communicates the same way you do. Instead, just ask! Communicating effectively according to people’s preferences can lead to better results!
  2. Talking Rather Than Listening

    • Yes, as a leader, you are responsible for communication. But you are just as responsible for listening. After all, communication is a two-way street. Allow others to engage, participate, and ask questions. Show genuine interest and practicing active listening skills. Markedly, you will help others feel understood and heard. This leads to motivation. Remember, a motivated team is a productive team!
  3. Overloading Information

    • Most leaders fall into the trap of unloading too much information too quickly. You can leave your team feeling overwhelmed, confused, and lost. The message may not be understood by the recipient and may not be read/listened to in its entirety. Consequently, this can lead to information being missed or misunderstood. Proofread or review the information you plan to pass to your team. Ensure that you have the appropriate recipients. Keep your message clear and concise.

To sum up communication in leadership, remember:

“Communication is a core leadership function, meaning effective workplace communication and effective leadership are closely intertwined. An effective leader needs to be a skilled communicator, applying that skill in relationships at the organizational level, in larger communities and groups, and sometimes even on a global scale.”


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