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Business & Corporate Language

Business & corporate language refers to the language and visuals used inwards and outwards. Personalization, consistency, and clarity are essential qualities of effective communication.

Corporate Jargon (not business & corporate language!)

It is common for employees and leaders to communicate using corporate jargon. These include euphemisms, buzzwords, and vague or ambiguous terms. Using corporate jargon is confusing and unprofessional and is usually a sign of insecurity or anxiety. 

Furthermore, when you communicate clearly, use basic English, and use the same terms consistently, you can avoid using corporate jargon.

Tools to Define/Manage Business & Corporate Language

2 tools to define/manage business & corporate language include:

Communicate Professionally

In addition to these tools, there are other ways to communicate professionally. 

  • Use clear and concise words in your message
    • This will help create the right image in the reader’s mind no matter what language you use. Conciseness helps to clarify. 
  • Choose the right language
    • The right language choice is critical for being perceived well. Keep your language simple to prevent miscommunication. 
  • Review your tone and language
    • Carefully review your message’s tone and language, depending on who it is intended for. We often type quickly as we are pressed for time. Consequently, taking the quick route can also have an abrupt tone even though that wasn’t the intent. 

Take a minute to review your communication. 

Do you have a preference for using corporate lingo? If so, I’d love to hear from you. 

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