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The Power of Emotional Intelligence: How to Manage Your Emotions and Enhance Your Leadership Presence

Have you heard of the words “emotional intelligence?”

Simply put, emotional intelligence (EI) is defined by one’s ability to recognize, identify, understand, and manage their own and others’ emotions. 

Developing this skill is fundamental to enhancing your leadership presence and interpersonal communication. An individual with high emotional intelligence might be able to build strong, positive relationships with others and communicate effectively in a variety of settings. For leaders who want to be effective in their roles and achieve career success, emotional awareness is a crucial skill.

So what’s the power of emotional intelligence?

The power of emotional intelligence as a leader includes:

  1. Improved communication: Being emotionally aware helps you understand others’ emotions better and adjust your communication style accordingly.
  2. Enhanced resolution: Emotional awareness helps you be better equipped to manage conflict within their teams. Additionally, they can facilitate productive communication that leads to resolution rather than escalation.
  3. Better decision-making: Emotionally aware leaders recognize their biases and base their decisions on objective criteria instead of their emotions. Informed decision-making through communication can help the organization progress as a result.


The pattern in the above leadership skills is that of communication. For 17 years, we have been working with business professionals to communicate clearly and effectively to achieve career success. Connect with us on YouTube where we provide weekly tips to help to stay ahead!


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