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Transform Your Communication
with 1:1 Accent Reduction Training

Effective communication plays a vital role in personal and professional success. For individuals seeking to overcome language barriers and improve their spoken English, 1:1 accent reduction training offers a powerful solution.

 Designed to refine pronunciation, intonation, and overall speaking clarity, this specialized training provides numerous benefits to individuals and organizations alike. 

By the end of our customized training you will demonstrate an improvement in your spoken communication, clarity and enunciation by 50-80%!

Benefits for Individuals:

Boost Confidence: Accent reduction training instills confidence by helping individuals gain mastery over their pronunciation and communication skills. As proficiency improves, self-assurance grows, enabling individuals to participate actively in conversations, presentations, and meetings without the fear of being misunderstood.
Enhance Clarity and Comprehensibility: Clear and precise communication is essential for effective interpersonal interactions. This empowers individuals to express their thoughts and ideas more confidently and be understood by others with greater ease.
Expand Professional Opportunities: Language barriers can limit career growth and advancement. Accent reduction training equips individuals with the skills needed to excel in professional settings, opening doors to new opportunities. Improved spoken English can enhance job prospects, facilitate smoother client interactions, and increase the likelihood of promotions or leadership roles.

Designed for individuals looking to:

Discover proven techniques and methods for reducing their accent effectively. Enhance pronunciation skills  Be more easily understood when speaking English Communicate with greater confidence
Explore tips, resources and exercises to modify your accent effectively  Sound more natural when communicating in English  Achieve between 50-80% increase in clarity and pronunciation based on pre and post testing

All this and more!!

What is included in this amazing, transformational program?

Choose 10, 15 or 20 face to face virtual sessions scheduled at your convenience
Digital copy of the Corporate Speech Solutions (CSS) training binder
Digital copy of Talking Business When English is Your Second Language (contains over 150 downloadable sound files)
Access to the CSS Video library with 100 videos to facilitate additional practice
Access to exclusive weekly client email for additional learning resources
Additional resources as needed
Get started today for just $300 with our individual analysis of your skills and abilities.
There is no obligation to continue with the training after this analysis. You will gain great insights and recommendations at the end of the session. Try us- see if you like us!
Sessions can be scheduled Monday-Friday 9:00am EST to 8:00pm EST, Saturday mornings based on availability

Sessions can be scheduled
Monday-Friday 9:00am EST to 8:00pm EST,
Saturday mornings based on availability

Not yet convinced?
We understand that making the decision to sign up for 1:1 accent reduction training can be a significant step. However, we want to assure you that the benefits and value it brings to your personal and professional life are truly transformative.

If you're still hesitant, consider the following:

Every day you delay is a missed opportunity to refine your communication skills. With 1:1 accent reduction training, you can make rapid progress and see tangible results sooner than you might expect.
Our 1:1 training is tailored specifically to your needs and goals. You'll receive personalized attention and guidance from our experienced instructors who will analyze your unique challenges and design a training plan that addresses them effectively.
Invest in Yourself: Consider this training as an investment in    yourself and your future. 

The ability to communicate effectively is a skill that transcends borders and opens doors of opportunity.

Ready to get started on opening those doors?

We are excited to work with you on transforming your communication skills!