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Accent Reduction

Accent and Pronunciation Services

Are you trying to modify your accent so you can sound like a native speaker? Or do you just want to improve your overall clarity and confidence? Our custom techniques target the most common errors in business communication to yield fast, positive results. Our one-on-one training method has helped thousands improve their pronunciation of Standard American English. At the end of the training you can expect to speak with greater confidence and be consistently understood by listeners, because you’ll be speaking with 50-75% fewer pronunciation errors.

Private training is not for everyone. Would you prefer group training?

We offer small group training in person or virtually at your company.

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Q & A

Q: Is this private or group training.
A: We provide private one to one, custom designed training for all individuals. We provide group training at companies
Q: Where are you located?
A. We have two midtown locations in New York City and one location on Long Island.
Q: What are your hours?
A: We provide training during the business day Monday-Friday, Evenings Monday- Friday and Saturdays; all by appointment.
Q: How soon can I get started?
A. Give us a call at 212.308.7725 for details and availability. Depending on our schedule you may be able to get started immediately.
Q: What are the steps to getting started?
A. First, we recommend a free telephone consultation to determine which program would be best for you. Then we can schedule you for the initial assessment.