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How Can a Professional Communication Coach Help You?

Communication is a critical component of professional success. Whether building new relationships with colleagues, negotiating a deal, making business contacts, or conducting a meeting, being able to express yourself is a vital skill in the business world. Unfortunately, communication skills don’t always come naturally. To develop the ability to communicate with clarity and confidence, many people choose to enlist the services of a corporate speech-language pathologist. A corporate speech-language pathologist functions as a professional communication coach, helping professionals develop the skills they need for powerful articulate communication. What are some of the ways a corporate speech-language pathologist can help you as a professional?

Presentation Skills: Public speaking is a common fear; however, at one time or another, most professionals need to speak in front of a group. A professional communication coach can help you develop the skills to effectively craft a top of the line presentation. Develop confidence and learn strategies to deliver presentations that make an impact.

Accent Reduction: While an accent can be a distinguishing mark of a person’s culture and background, in some cases a strong accent may interfere with professional communication. If a person chooses to modify their accent, a corporate speech-language pathologist is professionally trained to help them learn to speak each individual sound of Standard American English in order to allow them to communicate as clearly as possible. A professional communication coach may also assist a client with idiomatic phrases and multiple use words, and other intricacies of the English language to help you sound like a native speaker.

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