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Land the Job: 4 Essential Tips to Ace the Interview


Did you know that the average American will hold between five and fifteen jobs in their professional life? With competition in today’s job market tougher than ever, knowing how to handle an interview in a professional, confident way that makes you stand out from the crowd is essential to professional success. Since strong communication skills are a necessity for almost every job, speaking with clarity and confidence and demonstrating a dynamic speaking voice can go a long way towards making a positive impression during an interview. What else can you do to make an impression and land your dream job?

Positivity and Enthusiasm Count! Always talk about your past experience in a positive way, regardless of any negative experiences you’ve had. Potential employers subconsciously envision themselves in the position of your past employers, so speaking negatively about past employers, colleagues or positions can trigger an unpleasant reaction. In addition, project enthusiasm when talking about your future, both as a potential employee of this company as well as your professional future as a whole.

Address the Interviewer by Name: While interviewers are certainly interested in your qualifications and experience, a less concrete factor that gives one candidate an edge over another is how the interviewer feels during the interview. Hearing one’s own name out loud creates a positive feeling and makes the listener subconsciously feel more connected to the speaker. Aim to use the interviewer’s name two to three times over the course of the interview.

Turn All Electronic Devices OFF: Don’t just silence your phone—make sure it is actually off during the interview. A buzzing, vibrating device in your pocket or purse can be just as distracting as a loud ring. It will break your concentration and give your interviewer the impression you’re not fully present or giving them your full attention.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time: Everyone knows punctuality is key in an interview. But don’t just be on time: try to arrive at your destination approximately fifteen minutes before your scheduled interview. This will give you time to collect yourself and mentally prepare. If you haven’t been to the area before, take a dry run to the interview site a day or two in advance to make sure you don’t find yourself driving in circles on the big day.

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