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How Communication Can Land You Your Dream Job

Whether or not an interview is successful is more than just luck; there are skills you can learn and practice in advance in order to interview well and make employers want to add you to their team. One critical aspect of being a good interviewer is excellent communication. Since strong communication skills are essential in almost every professional arena, communicating with clarity and confidence during your interview can go a long way towards making the right impression. Take a look at our strategies for using your communication skills to help you stand out from the crowd!

Watch Your Tone: A common habit, particularly among young adults, is upspeak, or rising intonation at the end of a sentence so that a statement sounds like a question. Not only can upspeak be distracting, in a professional situation, it can make you sound as though you lack confidence and are unsure of what you’re saying.

Clear Speech is Essential: Mumbling during an interview will give the impression that you are unprofessional and overly relaxed. While you want to remain natural, make sure that you are pronouncing all of the letters and sounds of each word. If your interviewer can’t understand your responses, you may lose the job right then and there!

Don’t Rush: When nervous, people often rush their speech (and who isn’t nervous during a job interview?). Slow down to appear more competent and thoughtful. Take a pause in your speech every now and then to take a breath and allow your interviewer to absorb your message.

Project! Some people tend to speak quietly and hesitantly in the presence of authority figures. While you may think this sounds polite and deferential, it actually can make you appear unsure of yourself and shy. Project your voice with a strong clear tone to appear more professional and confident.

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