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One-Minute Networking: Perfecting the Elevator Pitch

What do you say when someone asks what you do? Do you give a one-word answer with your job title? Do you ramble on and on trying to explain all the benefits of your business in the first 30 seconds? If you aren’t able to tell others what you and your business have to offer and why you stand out from the crowd in a succinct, engaging way, you may be losing out on networking and business opportunities. This is why every professional needs to develop an “elevator pitch”: a 30-second to one-minute introduction to what you and your business have to offer. To make sure that you make the best impression possible in that short amount of time, Corporate Speech Solutions has created a guide to crafting the perfect elevator pitch. Check out our Elevator Pitch A.I.D.E.!

Attention: Begin with a question, quote or anecdote that applies to your line of work to grab your audience’s attention and engage your listener. For example, as a speech and communication professional, I might say: “Have you ever received a voicemail message that you needed to replay once, twice, maybe three times just to get the person’s name that called?”

Introduction: Once you have your listener’s attention, introduce yourself and your company. Make sure to speak particularly clearly and slowly during your introduction, pausing between your first and last name as well as your company name to ensure your listener hears each word and has time to absorb the information.

Description: Describe what you do or what you have to offer your listener. Try to include aspects of your work that make you stand out from the crowd. Keep your description short: an elevator pitch should only last about 30 seconds to one minute total. To craft a strong description, consider the following questions: What makes you different? Why is what you do important? What benefit do you bring to your listener?

Ending: End with an invitation to contact you for more information, and restate your name and company. Again, speak slowly and clearly: if your listener doesn’t understand or recall who you are, there’s no way they can become a future connection!

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