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Why You Feel This Way When Speaking in Public

So you’ve finally finished your pitch deck at 3 o’clock in the morning. You’ll be presenting it later in the afternoon. You’ve done your research, checked the nitty-gritty details of the deck, and you’re convinced it’s going to work out fine.

Fast-forward… you’re now presenting your pitch deck to a couple of investors with sweaty palms, a pounding heart, heavy breathing, and you’re speaking at the top of your lungs with rambling speech.

Uh-oh. That doesn’t look like a good sign. You could probably see your supervisor from the corner of your eye doing a mini-cringe.

So what’s the problem here? Let’s take a look.

The sweaty palms, pounding heart, heavy breathing, *almost* yelling, and rambling speech are a few of the common signs of Speech Anxiety caused by your mindset around public speaking. If you notice, while speaking in public, you can hear this little voice of self-doubt that keeps discouraging you saying “You can’t do it” or “You’re not good enough”.

Scientifically speaking, the Speech Anxiety (or this little voice of self-doubt) that you’re experiencing is because of the fight or flight response where your body feels a rush of adrenaline that prepares you for possible “danger”.

Speaking in front of people can be quite challenging, especially if you feel you don’t connect with your audience because 1) you don’t exactly speak the same language and subsequently, your vocabulary is limited or 2) you’re simply not confident enough. 

However, speaking with a clear, dynamic voice is essential to commanding a room and projecting confidence and leadership. The quality of your voice creates a stronger impact on how you are perceived than the content of your message.

Therefore, what you just did above, in presenting your pitch deck can subconsciously give listeners the impression that you are not prepared, lack confidence, and your message does not convey your expertise. 

This can certainly impact your career. Do you agree? 

The good news is: you are self-aware.

You know that you need to improve your communication skills to get ahead, may it be closing a deal, getting a promotion, a raise, or landing a new job. The formula is simple:

Better communication skills = better life

If you think your communication skill is holding you back, it might be time to seek out professional communication training.

A corporate speech-language pathologist is not only trained in improving professional communication skills. They’re also trained medical professionals who specialize in speech production, including vocal quality. A speech therapist can help improve vocal strength and clarity, as well as modify other vocal quality issues, such as an overly nasal, breathy, or high-pitched voice. Working with a corporate speech-language pathologist of course does not mean you have any pathology! It just means you are working with a true expert in the field of communication.

With training, you can learn to control your voice and how you project your voice when speaking in public.

Are you ready to tackle your communication challenges head-on to close that deal, get that promotion, request a raise, or land your dream job?

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Jayne Latz, is an executive communication coach and trainer, and President and Founder of Corporate Speech Solutions, LLC. Jayne works with organizations and individuals to ensure they deliver their message in a clear and concise manner with confidence.  For more information contact Jayne Latz at info@corporatespeechsolutions.com or visit:  http://www.corporatespeechsolutions.com/

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