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Mastering Impromptu Speaking: Expert Strategies for Confident Communication

Learning to like a leader who can exude confidence and think on their feet under pressure is an invaluable skill in today’s dynamic and fast-paced world. The way you communicate can have a significant impact on your professional and personal success, whether you’re giving a presentation, participating in a meeting, or engaging in impromptu conversations. Whether it’s verbal, face-to-face interactions, conference calls or emails, research suggests that leaders spend 80% of their time communicating.


By practicing the art of thinking on your feet, you can sound like a leader even when under pressure!


Here are some communication strategies to help you develop the poise, confidence, and agility needed to speak and sound  like a leader:

    1. Think carefully: Think carefully before taking action, drawing conclusions, or making decisions. Consider different perspectives, challenge assumptions, and evaluate information validity and reliability. You can gain clarity, emotional regulation, effective communication, problem-solving, and personal growth by thinking before you react. This will enable you to respond thoughtfully.
    2. Breathe: The practice of breathing before you begin to speak refers to the incorporation of controlled and intentional breaths into your speech. As you speak, take regular, natural breaths to support your voice, maintain vocal control, and improve your overall communication.
    3. Don’t guess/know what you’re talking about: In order to avoid misinformation, lack of credibility, and misunderstandings, it is important to communicate clearly. Never guess about what you’re talking about. According to a survey conducted by Grammarly and The Harris Poll in 2021, companies lose almost USD $1.2 trillion or USD $12,506 per employee each year due to poor internal communication.
    4. Practice self control and self discipline: It is important to use self-control and self-discipline when speaking to increase professionalism, resolve conflicts effectively, build trust, engage in active listening, and develop emotional intelligence and personal growth.These qualities will enable you to tackle communication challenges with poise, integrity, and a positive impact on others and yourself.
    5. Ask for clarification: Obtaining clarification is essential to maintaining accurate, respectful, and meaningful communication. This reduces misinterpretation, enhances accuracy, demonstrates active listening, builds rapport, resolves ambiguity, and encourages open communication. Furthermore, it gives you more time to consider your response!

By incorporating these strategies, your communication skills will impact and influence others from your very first word. 

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