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Elevate Your Communication Skills: Harness the Power of Self-Recording

The ability to communicate effectively is a fundamental skill that can have a significant impact in any professional role. A powerful, yet often overlooked, tip for improving your communication skills is to record yourself.

But why?

Observing and listening to yourself through self-reflection can be valuable for improving. When I present to audiences, it is always amazing to see the immediate change in their awareness. Take filler words for examples- the words such as um, uh, like and you know. Once people are made aware – they begin to hear themselves and their frequency of use!

By recording yourself, you will be able to observe your speaking style, body language, and overall delivery, gaining insights that might otherwise go unnoticed. And more importantly, be standing in the way of your career advancement! With recording, you can identify areas for improvement, assess your strengths, and make necessary adjustments.

Non-verbal communication, otherwise known as body language, is a great example to observe. As you speak, you may fidget or look in different directions.

Christina Helena, a public speaking expert, says: “Less is more. Being too wordy dilutes your message and presence.”

You should analyze and evaluate your communication performance after you record yourself. 

If you are looking for career advancement, or just improved communication, you can take the following action steps:

  1. Training and Resources: Consider enrolling in communication skills courses or workshops. Corporate Speech Solutions offers a wide range of skill-building workshops, group training, 1:1 training, and free resources.
  2. Seek Feedback: Consider a Communication Needs Assessment and receive feedback from a pro!  They will  offer valuable insight and suggestions for improvement. 

When we conduct our Communication Needs Assessment we evaluate ten aspects of your communication! Did you even know there were ten aspects of your communication that could derail your performance? That is how we begin to build your success! 

You can become a more effective communicator by recording yourself and analyzing your communication style. Watch our quick video on this tip here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXzKD2Kk8ks


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