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Hello Employees! A guest blog by Ri Bizzaro


Welcome to First Thursday! On the first Thursday of each month, Corporate Speech Solutions features an expert that has a skill or expertise that will enhance your professional skill set. Today, we’re joined by Ri Bizzaro, District Manager for ADP. A company is only as strong as its employees, so attracting and maintaining great talent is an essential part of corporate success. Today, Ri shares some tips for using communication and technology to get the right people in the door and keep them there.

What does a large, 200-year old law firm have in common with a small, high-growth tech start-up? They are both looking to attract and keep great talent!

As a District Manager with ADP, I work with companies across many industries and stages of growth. Because of the amazing relationships I have built with very smart executives, I believe I have learned the key to winning the war on talent: Effective Employee Communication. Here are three areas to highlight:

  1. Attract talent: 

Communication starts when a prospective employee first “touches” a company. It’s about getting “talent” excited about the prospect of working for the company. Companies are using technology to engage prospective employees with colorful landing pages, videos illustrating “a day-in-the-life” and highlighting company perks. Communicating details about company culture is the very important first step.

Step Two? Making sure the application experience is a painless process. We have all stared at a “careers page” wondering which listed position we were best suited for. We have all filled out long applications and heard nothing back. Today it is very important that companies take the time to communicate efficiently and effectively by having detailed and exciting job descriptions. It is equally as important that a company deploy technology that makes it easy for an employee to apply and equally as easy for the company to identify and communicate with the best candidates. No one wants to work for a company that seems disorganized or disinterested.

  1. Welcome Aboard:

Studies have shown a dramatic increase in new-hires becoming no-shows on their first day. A great way to minimize this is to remain in communication with the new hire. Companies are sending “Welcome Swag”, asking managers to reach out to communicate excitement and leaning on technology for “pre-boarding”. It is becoming more common to provide an employee with an email address, send them details on their team members and even allow them to set up benefit elections and direct deposit prior to their first day. All of this helps to quickly immerse a new employee in company culture and avoid the dreaded empty seat.

  1. Transparency, Transparency, Transparency:

Transparency starts with an employer giving their employees tools to access data quickly and easily. Communicating with purpose and giving employees access to information leads to employee empowerment, great company culture, and (you guessed it) employee retention.

Mobile apps and company sites are being used to help employees do everything from access their vacation balances and request time off, to how much they have in their health savings account and see a virtual pay stub. This not only empowers the employee but it saves a company’s HR department from being bogged down with questions.

Many companies are using technology as a forum to communicate big group achievements, upcoming events (company picnics, company reviews) and employee recognition (top performers). Companies are also using technology bots to enhance an employee’s experience with reminders on everything from setting meetings with leadership to benefits open enrollment.


In short, whether a company is attracting talent, assimilating a new employee or managing their culture, the key to a successful organization is communication. Now more than ever, technology is giving companies a big boost.


Ri Bizzaro is a District Manager at ADP on New York City’s Major Account’s Team. Ri works with client in all stages of growth to help identify where technology can help streamline their processes & boost employee engagement. Whether it is attracting talent, improving company culture, retaining talent or helping to make strategic decisions, Ri and her team are committed to helping clients succeed.

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